“I was in the hospital for 2 days with premature contractions that the doctors could not control with drugs. I left the hospital and marched right to Dr.Smith’s office. One adjustment and I was 85% better. I could actually walk straight up! Thank you Dr.Smith You were a life saver!”
– Ann E

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“The baby has been nothing but giggles since we got home. He’s not holding himself stiffly anymore and feels relaxed when held. You got him just right; thank you. It makes all the difference.” – K.S.

“I’ve noticed that at the end of a day of taking care of 3 small children, I’m not so tired anymore. It’s great to not have anymore aching and to actually have the energy to do the things I want to do once they’re asleep.” – M.A.

Thanks to Dr. Kristin Nuccio Smith At Life Care Family Wellness for fixing me up for this weekend’s South Central CrossFit Regionals! Ready for anything now!!! – K.T.

Unfortunately we didn’t win the tourney, but I couldn’t have played without the best chiropractor in the world. Thanks!! ~J.B.

“Hey Dr. Smith, guess what I can do now! I’m a line dancer!” – T.L.

I just wanted to say Thank you to Dr. Smith:) I pulled a muscle in my back two weeks ago. I got in touch with Dr. Smith and she immediately went to work. She not only adjusted me but also assisted me in stretching. She even came in during her time off to help me out when I was really feeling the pain I always feel like a million bucks when I leave Life Care. Dr. Smith is so caring and constantly checked on me to make sure I was doing my stretches and to see if I needed anything. Thank you Dr. Smith! – RG

I’m 1 week shy of being 8 months pregnant and every time I get an adjustment my baby moves more
frequently, I sleep better, and I feel better! Thanks Dr. Kristin Nuccio Smith – BNR

“Really going to thank God for my chiropractor tonight 🙂 making my miserable pregnancy life better one visit at a time! Got the best sleep I have gotten in months last night!!!”

“Thank you so much Dr. Smith for your hands work wonders! I feel so much better today after adjustment yesterday.”