Insurance Information


Why We Do Not Take Insurance

Insurance companies are a business which means their goal is to make money, not provide healthcare. We have seen an increase in premiums for less service. These increased premiums have also come with more paperwork and an increase in denials.

We are all for capitalism, however, we would like to see healthcare put back in the hands of patients and their physicians.  Our solution for this issue is affordable family health care that can be paid for before you leave the office.  A visit to our office is usually the same cost and at times less expensive than a visit to another chiropractic office that accepts insurance. If you have insurance, we can provide you with the appropriate documentation to file with your insurance provider if you want to submit a claim.


We Do Recommend That You Have a High Deductible Insurance Policy

We recommend to our patients that they purchase some type of health insurance to protect them from financial trouble if an emergency or hospitalization is required, so called “catastrophic” insurance.  These health plans are known as high-deductible  policies and can be purchased for a few hundred dollars a month or even less.  They usually have a $2000 to $4000 deductible but cover fully after that amount is reached, keeping your medical expense from leading to financial ruin.  These plans also work well with healthcare savings accounts which allow you to save money tax free to be used as you see fit for medical purposes.