Ask Dr. Smith

“Ask Dr. Smith” is a monthly series that revolves around the questions you ask.  Please submit a question if you have one and it may be featured on the next “Ask Dr. Smith.”  This month’s question comes from Ann.


“I’m 6 months pregnant.  Is it still OK to get adjusted while I’m pregnant?”

-Ann E.


Actually Ann, pregnancy is one of the best times to get adjusted.  It’s a time of life where many of the more traditional solutions for pain like drugs or surgery, are not an option.  Studies show chiropractic has been able to help with pregnancy associated pain safely and effectively.


Many pregnancy discomforts are the result of pre-existing imbalances in your spine and pelvis that you may not have known existed. As the baby grows, these imbalances are added stresses to a body that’s already compensating for the rapid changes taking place.  This makes your everyday movements difficult and painful.


Misalignments of the spine and pelvis can have a consequence to a mother. Chiropractors call these misalignments subluxations. Subluxations cause pressure on the nervous system and don’t allow the messages from the brain to the rest of the body to reach their target area as effectively as if the pressure did not exist.  This can cause stress overload to the mother’s nervous system and can possibly affect the way her vital systems and organs may work.  A pregnant mom’s systems are functioning for two and any interference to the messages carried to and from the nerves and brain can be detrimental to her health and well-being, as well as the growing baby’s. Reducing this nerve system stress is a key ingredient for normal bodily function.


Chiropractors correct the imbalances of the spine and decrease pain and also remove the interference to the nervous system.  With corrected imbalances, there is less stress to the mother’s spine and pelvis and the result is decreased pain and reduced interference to the nervous system, so mom’s organs and systems may work better for her and her growing baby.


Yet another reason to seek chiropractic care while pregnant is to achieve the goal of a faster labor and delivery.  Called dystocia, difficult labor is something every woman wants to avoid. With the pain and exhaustion caused by long, difficult labors, dystocia can lead to medical interventions.

When looking at obstetric texts, the reported reasons for dystocia are caused by pelvic imbalance and its resulting effects on your uterus and your baby’s position.  Chiropractic care throughout pregnancy restores balance to pelvic muscles and ligaments, and therefore, leads to safer and easier deliveries for you and your baby.  Published studies have indicated that chiropractic care does, in fact, reduce labor time.


As a chiropractor that adjusts many pregnant women, I use special equipment designed specifically for moms.  A special pillow created to support mom’s growing belly is a great way to help mom relax, and my adjusting table is one that can accomodate a pregnant belly as well.  It’s my responsibility to make sure you’re not only comfortable after being adjusted but also to make sure you’re comfortable during the adjustment.  I also use a special adjusting technique designed to gently correct imbalances in the pregnant spine and pelvis called the Webster Technique.


I love working with pregnant moms.  As a mother myself, I remember all too well what it was like to be pregnant, and I want each mom out there to know there is a solution to those aches and pains.  You don’t have to grin and bear it anymore!  Chiropractic is an excellent solution for reducing your pain safely without drugs.  Thanks for the great question, Ann.


Yours in health,


Dr. Kristin Nuccio Smith, DC


*If you have any questions or want to learn more, join us for our free workshop on tips on enjoying your pregnancy without pain February 24th at 6:30pm at our office.  Call and we’ll reserve a spot for you and your friends/love ones at (985) 641-4898.