Ask Dr. Smith – Fibromayalgia

“Dr. Smith, my mom was told she has Fibromyalgia. Do you think chiropractic is a good idea for her?”

-Jode C.

Jode, Fibromayalgia is a complicated and difficult syndrome to live with. Over 5 million Americans have been diagnosed with it and between 80 and 90% are women. Correct diagnosis of fibromyalgia is very elusive, so if your mom has been diagnosed with the disorder, or suspects she has it, seek the opinion of more than 1 health care provider. Ruling other conditions out first is very important.

“Fibromyalgia involves turmoil of the central nervous system, yielding a situation known as central sensitization, which causes heightened nervous system responses,” explains Gerry Clum, D.C., president of Life Chiropractic College West University. “Overall health and wellness is affected by an individual’s nervous system, an area in which chiropractors are proficiently trained to address, making chiropractic care a viable option for fibromyalgia patients.”

Chiropractic helps to address the “turmoil” in the nervous system by removing Subluxations and allowing the nervous system to function as nature intended. Subluxations are misalignments of spinal bones that cause pressure on the nerves exiting from the spine. So, if a bone in your spine is not in proper position and it puts pressure on the nerve at that part of the spinal cord, it affects the speed and effectiveness with which messages are transmitted from that nerve to and from the brain and body. If your nervous system doesn’t function properly, your body can’t function properly.

While scientists are working to get a better understanding of fibromyalgia, the chiropractor’s objective is to correct misalignments of the spine and pelvis through hands-on adjustments. As joint motion and nerve function improves and subluxations are eliminated, fibromyalgia patients discover that their pain can be reduced or, in some cases, eliminated. Once this pain is under control, other symptoms associated with fibromyalgia may diminish as well.

In fact, retired Brig. Gen. Becky Halstead, West Point graduate and first woman General in the U.S. Army to command in Iraq, struggled with fibromyalgia during her service. She states, “The adjustments and nutritional advice I received from my chiropractor helped in treating the fibromyalgia and made me feel better on a day-to-day basis.”

So in response to your question, Jode…yes, chiropractic may help your mom in the way that chiropractic can help improve the manner in which your mom’s nervous system may function. I’d suggest having her attend our Fibromyalgia workshop on April 7th at 6:30pm at our office. We’ll be discussing fibromyalgia and the number of alternatives available to those with the disorder. Like I tell all my patients, take charge of your health and learn about your body 🙂 Hope to see her there!


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